Justin Edward Coleman is an 20 year old who currently works for the ross clan as a Manager/Nanny Helper. H eis Jessie's best friend since age 2. He dated Jessie in 2009-2010 due to them later to recognize to jsut be friends. He is from Texas also who moves to New York in creepy connie comes a callin his first day. thanks to Jessie he got this job. He is a nice but strict boy. he knows how to fly a helicopter. In Season 1 he said his last name is fishman but in season 2 it is revealed his last name is Coleman. He had starai a's.

In Creepy COnnie's curtain he and Jessie hire Luke a tutor not knowing that Connie is creepy.

in Christmas Story he and Jessie ar ein charge of making christmas better.

In Are You coooler than a fifth Grader he made cameo apperance by giving cookies to Mrs. Chesterfield with Zuri and when he came to give Emma her book and when Luke told Ravi they are no longer brothers anymore.